Meet Deep Sleep.
Your key to a restful sleep.

Deep Sleep by Jetmojo

Deep Sleep is your key to getting the rest you deserve after a long trip stuck in a plane. Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised on day one of your journey. Taken in combination with Wide Awake it completes the Jetmojo solution to help you overcome jet lag.

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How to take Deep Sleep
Take 1 - 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to bedtime in your new timezone.

What is Deep Sleep?

Step two in getting your body clock back in sync in a new timezone is ensuring that you sleep well through the night. That's where Jetmojo Deep Sleep comes in.

We've carefully combined 6 simple ingredients to create the world's most effective counter to nighttime insomnia during travel.

The first and main ingredient of Deep Sleep is melatonin. Numerous studies have shown that this naturally produced hormone can be effectively supplemented to help induce sleep and realign your circadian rhythm.

We have also added L-Theanine which is commonly found in green tea. This naturally occurring amino acid has a calming effect and offers a layer of mental relaxation that makes it easier to switch your mind off before bed.

Known for their ability to improve sleep we've added the minerals zinc and magnesium as well as vitamin B6.

To top it off we've included a patented form of black pepper to help improve the absorption of these ingredients and ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

See the Scientific Research behind Deep Sleep
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Ingredients How Much We've Added Why?
A naturally produced hormone that just needs a little boost


In long-distance travels, the body is secreting melatonin at the wrong time (ie. at the time you would normally sleep in your previous timezone).

“Melatonin at doses of 2 mg to 5 mg taken before bedtime over 2 to 4 days is effective in reducing jet-lag symptoms.”

There’s no need to take a lot of it, as your body naturally produces it - we carefully measured the right amount.

Natural amino acid, commonly found in green tea


Because of its wonderfully calming, relaxing, but non-sedative effect. It helps the mind to hush and quiets down neural processes before sleep.

“L-theanine offers relaxation without drowsiness.”

Form of black pepper


It increases the absorption rates of supplements, as it inhibits enzymes that would attack other molecules.

“BioPerine® … from Sabinsa Corporation, received Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status after a comprehensive review of safety and toxicology data.”

Zinc & Magnesium


These minerals improve the quality of your sleep. Lovely zinc also helps in metabolising melatonin, which enables you to enjoy the rest you need even more.

Magnesium reduces cortisol and has been shown to treat insomnia and reduce the restless leg syndrome.

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