Frequently Asked Questions

Jetmojo products are made out of natural ingredients: vitamins, minerals and amino acids. You’ll immediately recognise some of the main components: caffeine, zinc and magnesium.

Who formulated these products? A team of experts particularly experienced in supplement production.

Where is it manufactured? Our manufacturer is located in the USA and has obtained all cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certifications.

The founders themselves have used Jetmojo for years (and still do), to ease their own jet lag symptoms. Many other travellers recently tested Jetmojo Wide Awake and Deep Sleep, and experienced the positive effects themselves. You can find their stories and testimonials on our product page.

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The main difference between Jetmojo and other solutions for jet lag lies in its superior formulation. It is basically a product made for travellers by travellers! You see, we tried all other solutions, but they only helped to a certain extent. Frustrated and tired, we asked: “Why isn’t there a better solution to this?” and then, we created it!

This is why Jetmojo is much more than mere melatonin or caffeine supplement. We added various powerful natural ingredients which harmoniously work together with one clear goal - for you to have a perfect, peak performance trip.
If you wish, we cannot stop you, but it’s much cheaper and more convenient to take Jetmojo. :) Keep in mind that a regular cup of coffee will cost you $3-5, the caps are like a dollar a serve. You need only one capsule of Wide Awake and one of Deep Sleep - every bottle contains 50 capsules. It’s a no-brainer!
We love the simplicity here and believe that you’ll love it too. For the Wide Awake, AM supplement - take it either in the morning upon waking or at the desired wake up time. For the Deep Sleep, PM solution - take it in the evening, 30 mins before bedtime. And yes, just enjoy a simple glass of water with these.
In general, jet lag appears when you travel over 3 or more time zones. Whenever that is the case, make Jetmojo a part of your luggage. Pro tip: we strongly recommend taking Jetmojo for trips that span 6 or more timezones, as those are the ones with severe jet lag symptoms.
It is not recommended to take caffeine or melatonin for extensive periods of time (more than 2 weeks), as it is possible to build a dependency on these ingredients. Other than that, if you’re not allergic to the ingredients of Jetmojo (read the detailed list of ingredients here) and as long as you’re following the usage instructions, you’re good to go!
Generally, alcohol affects sleep and it is not recommended during (and prior to) jet lag. Alcoholic beverages can actually worsen jet lag symptoms (which is something we definitely wish to avoid). If you’re having trouble falling asleep, slowly step away from that bottle and give Jetmojo Deep Sleep a try.
Jetmojo Deep Sleep is essentially a sleep aid, so it may help with insomnia, but ultimately - it’s not designed for that. The formula works the best for jet lag. If jet lag was a person, he will tremble with fear at the very mention of Deep Sleep!
There are two dimensions of jet lag, both are real as they can be - nighttime sleeping troubles and daytime fatigue. We aimed to solve both of these challenges and used the power of caffeine to address the second one: enabling you to have an active and productive trip!

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Too much, our fellow traveler! For every hour you cross, you need a day to recover from jet lag (one hour-one day). For New York-Paris flight, you would need roughly 6 days to fully recover. Or approximately 144 hours. That’s 144 hours that could be spent on tasting croissants, d'Eiffel selfies or exploring the astonishing Louvre! What a waste, right?
You should feel results right away. Our product is designed to get you working at your best on the first day of your trip. Still, we encourage travelers to take the product day and night, for at least 3 days, in order to help their body acclimatise to the new timezone.
If you forget to take Deep Sleep before heading to bed and wake up in the middle of night, then feel free to take a dose, as it will help you fall asleep again.
Important: do not take Jetmojo Wide Awake (caffeine) in the evening.
You can email us with questions at any time - [email protected]