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About Jetmojo

Jetmojo strives to be the most trusted guide for travellers in their quest for peak personal performance and self-betterment. We started by solving jet lag.

Our Founding Story

As problem solvers by nature, we couldn’t accept jet lag as an inevitable part of overseas travel. We struggled to work while travelling because of jet lag and we firmly believed there had to be a better way.

This exciting journey to develop Jetmojo first began by diving into the existing scientific research around jet lag. We discovered that supplementing with melatonin was useful for regulating sleep patterns while travelling.

We consulted certified professionals to help us formulate the final product and soon enough, Jetmojo was born.

The Jet Lag Revolution

We firmly believe that we can make jet lag a thing of the past. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and daytime tiredness when you travel.

With the help of Jetmojo, no matter how far your journey takes you, you don't have to lose your mojo anymore.

Become the best version of yourself, even when you're on the move!

Join the jet lag revolution today.

Tools For Effective Travel, Starting With Jet Lag

We tried the existing solutions for jet lag but they weren’t very effective. We also didn’t feel that those products were designed by people who completely understood our needs as remote workers.

We wanted a product that prevents jet lag from taking over your schedule and puts you back in control, so we made that product.

Our formula for avoiding severe jet lag is only the beginning. We don't want to just make supplements.

We want to be the most trusted guide for travellers in their quest for peak personal performance and self-betterment.

Fab Mackojc, Founder

Travel has been a big part of Fab's life since he was a young child. By the age of 15 he had already lived in 4 different countries. After realising that web development was a job you could do from anywhere he made sure to try and do it from everywhere. In a 3 year span he boarded a plane almost 150 times visiting over 20 countries in the process. Fab hates using an e-reader and always travels with multiple physical books in his bag.

Fab's worst jet lag experiences

Back in 2015, I flew from the USA to Ireland to give a short talk at a conference. Once the plane landed I felt completely ill. I had no energy but still struggled to sleep at night. I was incapable to prepare the talk I had to give and end up recycling an old talk (ouch). The organizators were visibly disappointed and so was I.

A year before, also in Ireland, I planned to take an early train to visit Belfast and come back in the afternoon. But, thanks to a sleepness night it was already 1pm when I woke up. ‘Thanks jet lag...’

In fact, these are my last bad experiences with jet lag. Since then Jetmojo has been my secret weapon for working at my best while traveling, and now you can enjoy its benefits too.

Jesse Hanley, Founder

The start of Jesse's career was deeply founded in supplements and health, running Australia's largest supplement retailer and leading digital marketing efforts at Gold's Gym APAC. At the end of 2014 Jesse began his nomadic journey (where he met Fab in San Francisco) and hasn't stopped since. To this day, he runs a digital marketing agency with a fully remote team of employees spread out around the world. Jesse refuses to shave his beard and is often found wearing eccentric clothing in odd places.

Jesse's worst jet lag experiences

I used to suffer from jet lag, badly. I can never forget some of my worst experiences with jet lag.

In 2015, I flew from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Dallas, Texas. It took me 29 hours. A bit more than a day. I felt completely trashed from jet lag after the flight but a lot of corporate meetings awaited for me there. You can imagine how ‘successful’ those meetings were.

Also, back in 2013 I flew from Australia to UK for a body power expo. It felt completely dreadful and I needed to overcompensate with a lot of stimulants. It took me a couple of days to get back to normal but then I had to head straight back to Australia. Absolutely awful timing.

Nowdays I can rest assured that wherever I go, Jetmojo will help me sleep properly and wake up in the morning feeling energized.

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